Aug 29, 2012

Crossing Over to the Promise Land

Guest speaker Pastor Fernando, Associate Pastor from VO Chicago speaks about crossing over to the promised land.

Aug 26, 2012

Running the Race

Sister Vicky Lloyd speaks on the importance of having a vision and purpose for your life.

Aug 22, 2012


Fuel service with Bob Dillon speaks about vision.  Colin Ruddock shares on 'Don't let the vision die in you'!

Aug 19, 2012

Team work makes the dream work

Pastor Kevin preaches about the importance of teamwork to fulfil the vision.

Aug 12, 2012

Standing in the Vision

Pastor Kevin Keenan talks about holding on to the vision.

Aug 8, 2012

Fuel Service Vision

Aug 8, 2012

Fuel service- Vision Month

Aug 1, 2012


Pastor Paul shares his vision with the church during the Fuel service.