Archive for May 2012

Stand Up

Pastor Floyd from VO Birmingham speaks at our Wednesday night Fuel service.

The Power of Discipleship

Pastor Paul speaks on the power of discipleship. About being filled with the Holy Spirit so that you can live in the power that comes with being a disciple of Jesus Christ

Sister Jemima speaks about what stops you from being a disciple at our women's conference.

Sister Tarnya Coley speaks about what makes the best disciples.  Then Sister Vicky Lloyd follows on with what it means being a disciple.

Pastor Paul Lloyd speaks about discipleship in a multicultural world.

Wise and Foolish builders

Pastor Kevin Keenan talks about wise and foolish builders and how to build a strong foundation.

Who Do You Say I Am?

Brother Damian speaks about the authority of God within our lives.

Diamond (Invincible)

Sister Vicky Lloyd 11 am Service