Mar 28, 2017

Battle Scars

Special guest Pastor Richard Myers speaks at our 11:30am service.


Feb 28, 2016

The Boat

Pastor Paul talks to us about Peter's faith and walking the walk and not just talking it.


Nov 29, 2015

The Scarlet thread Series Part 9- David

Pastor Paul continues in our Scarlet Thread Series, and today spoke about David. There are many lessons we can learn through King David. Our salvation takes time to work out. It is a process.God will not give you the ring when your not ready.The  lessons we learn during the different seasons determine where we end up. Jesus is our foundation, if we have a solid foundation  our house we be large. 


Jun 17, 2015

Prayer School Week 2

James Aladiran speaks at our second week of Prayer School on the Importance of our Devotional lives. How to build a better devotional life with God and spending that time with Him properly


Oct 17, 2012

Are you prepared?

Brother Wale speaks about warfare.  What approach do you have when you go into battle?


Oct 10, 2012

Who we are in Christ

Pastor Kevin Keenan speaks about who we are in Christ.  In the midst of a battle we need to know who we are in Christ so that we can gain victory.  PAstor Kevin shares about identity.


Oct 7, 2012


Pastor Paul shares some keys of spiritual warfare.

Oct 3, 2012

Don’t be happy where you are at

Pastor Gerry from Dublin shares about spiritual warfare.

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