Jan 29, 2017

Eternity Series- Eternal Rewards

Pasotr James Hunter speaks at our 9am service.

Jun 19, 2016

Our Father is good

Brother Anton Penrose speaks at our 9am Father's Day service 


Nov 1, 2015

The Scarlet Thread part 3 - Pastor Kevin Keenan

Pastor Kevin speaks at our 11.30am service on Abraham's obedience. We like Abraham should be prepared to give God back what He has given to us.


Sep 25, 2015

Connect Group Unity Service - Elder/Pastor Mitchell Peterson

Elder/Pastor Mitchell Peterson speaks at our Connect Unity Service.


Aug 23, 2015

Our Dignity and the Master’s Hands

Pastor Anthony Farrell speaks at our 11:30am Service 


Jul 26, 2015

The Right To Call Him Father

Pastor Anthony Farrell speaks at our 11am service.


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